McGill College Avenue is a street in downtown Montreal, Quebec. Back in the 1980's the street was widened and transformed into a scenic avenue with McGill's Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke Street at its north end and the Place Ville Marie plaza at its south end.

When coming home the other night there was a lightning storm that was present over Mount Royale in downtown Montreal. I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to capture a great photograph. As the rain came down, the reflections of light on the ground were beautiful and I knew if I could capture a lightning bolt it would be magical.

I waited around for about an hour in order to capture the perfect photo. The finale result is the blending of a few different exposures. One for the sky, one for the buildings and another for the light trails of the car.

I hope you all enjoy, and don't forget to like and share the photo with your fellow Montrealer's.