It may feel like yesterday, but it's actually be 7 years since I gave my first and only acting performance. Way back in 2009, when I was a cinema student, I acted in this short film for a production class. I had not acted before, and judging by my performance you can see why I have not acted since! But it was so much fun, and looking back on it now I have increadibly fond memories.

So many people were involved in this, but a big shout out goes to Besjana Kota (my co-star) and Martin Goudron. Martin and I dubbed this whole thing in post production since the sound was so bad on location. I remember sitting in my spare bedroom tapping silverware together in order to recreate to sounds of the spoons on the table in the film. Good times!

Producing this little short was a lot of fun, and having watched this for the first time in years earlier today I thought it would be a fun throw back Thursday. 

Another side note, this was only the second film I ever worked on or helped produce #humblbeginnings