Yesterday I ventured a couple of hours from home to photograph the remains of an abandoned village. 

The spot I visited was the home of a small group of Scottish settlers in the 1800's. Their village was known as Godmanchester. The village was made of up 82 inhabitants. There was a schoolhouse, several shops and as you can see in the photo below, a Church.

However, due to flooding the village only last for about 30 years, and so the everything was abandoned. What is left today are the remains of about 80 graves inside the cemetery of the decaying Calvin Presbyterian Church. 

After spending 4 hours there yesterday the place really had an impact on me. Where I stood there were once weddings, funerals, celebrations of life and death. And now all those families lay there in the ground, nobody visiting them, as their decaying tombstones fall to pieces. Many of the names on the graves are hardly even legible. It was a beautiful location, but it was for me a very moving experience.

While I was there I took many photos. I will be trickling them out over the next few days over on Captura Camera as well as here on the website. I really wanted to capture the beauty and history of the place, and I hope that my images do just that. So please, take the time to enjoy them and share them. In doing so, at least for a brief moment, all the people who lay at rest there will be on the conciseness of a few people for the first time in a long time :-)

PS- I have read that the city is looking to restore the Church and the cemetery to some degree and are currently accepting donations. Once I have that information I will share it here with you all incase anyone would like to contribute.