Wednesday night at the Centre Bell in Montreal, Eagles legend Don Henley commanded the stage with a back catalogue of hits few if any artist can match. And while he may have been dressed like a college professor in his dark jeans, and button-down dress shirt, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee put on a memorable show!

It is a privilege to be a concert photographer in Montreal. We are spoiled with so many great venues and artists that come to our city. However, being a die hard Henley fan meant this concert was something very special for me. Unfortunately, there were photography restrictions in place for the show, which meant I was forced to photograph the concert (3 song rule in effect) from the soundboard.

It would have been nice to have access to the pit infront of the stage, or to have been able to hang around for a few more songs. Nonetheless, it's not everyday you get to photograph an artist like Don Henley, and the experience is not one I will soon forget.

Here are a few photos from the show. I hope you enjoy :-)