The other night I was driving home and there was a beautiful 3/4 moon in the sky. It was a crystal clear night, not a single cloud in sight. As I passed in front of the Farine Five Roses, I noticed the moon was sitting right next to the building. I knew I had a great landscape photo opportunity.

I took a small detour and parked my car near the Peel Basin in Griffintown. I had a perfect view of not only the moon,  but of arguably the most viewed historical landmark in Montreal, the Farine Five Roses red neon sign.

Camera in hand, I  took the photo and the result is one of my favourite Montreal images to date. This will definitely be printed as part of my photo book that will be available later this year. The book will be documenting my best Montreal photos for the 375th anniversary.

Farine Five Roses-Montreal-Captura Camera