Yesterday night while scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across the Montreal Gazette's photo of the week contest. I had never seen this post before, however, it seems they have weekly contests for Montreal photographers who want to take a crack at their weekly themes.

This weeks theme was abandoned spaces. Unfortunately I have little to no experience with Urbanex (Urban Exploration), and so crawling through our cities sewer system or up the side of Silo 5 in the Old Port was not really an option. Plus, seeing as how I came across this contest last minute I had to think on my feet (Did I forget to mention I left the house to take this photo at 2am? Yes my girlfriend thought I was crazy).

I decided to head down near the Jacques Cartier Bridge and photograph the Craig Pumping Station. It has been abandoned since the early 90's, however, for those history junkies out there, the station was oringally built in 1887 after the Saint-Lawrence flooded the city up to Square Victoria in April 1886.

Below you will find my submission which was made on the Gazette's Instagram page.

If you enjoy my photography work, in the coming weeks I am going to be making a conscious effort to enter the Gazette's weekly photo challenge. So stay tuned for future themed photos every Friday!