Along with our wedding photos, I don't know if there are any more important photographs in our lives than our family portraits.

Life is short, and there is no amount of money that will ever be able to bring families back to the moment in time these photos were taken. Generations from now, after family members have come and gone, somebody in your bloodline will sit down with your family portraits and say "this is the legacy of who I am". As a photographer, I don't know if there is anything more important than that!

These photographs were taken for Laura Allain O'Brady and her husband Sean O'Brady. Along with their little boy Jake, we went for a walk in the Old Port of Montreal on a beautiful fall afternoon. Over the course of about an hour we captured several photos, and I would like to share a few of them with you here. They're a great couple, and it was an honour to capture their first family portraits :-)