Over the long Thanksgiving weekend my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk around Mount Royal Park, all the way to the summit and the Kondiaronk lookout. It has been several years since I had visited one of the best lookouts in the city, and so despite having to carry my camera equipment for the duration of the hike (I need to workout more), it was well worth it!

Mount Royal is a beautiful place, with paths and woodland areas begging to be explored. If you have an afternoon off, take the time to hike the trails, they really are wonderful. Fun fact, the park was actually designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who is famous for also being the architect of Central Park in New York.

Once you get to the top, for those who have never been, the view stretches all the way out to the St. Lawrence River and beyond. It really is a magnificent place to watch a sunset (or sunrise) fall over the city of Montreal.