As November comes to an end, the Christmas trees are going up and the holiday lights are being turned on. It's officially Christmas time in Montreal. The city is so beautiful during the holidays, and so last night I decided to spend a couple of hours taking a few photos in the downtown area. 

These are my first batch of holiday photos, so stay tuned. I plan on visiting as many Christmas themed places throughout the city as possible!

This first photo is of a hidden Christmas tree that can be found down near the Hudson Bay department store on Sainte-Catherine O.

Montreal-Christmas Tree-Captura Camera

This second photo is of McGill College Avenue. I love the lighting on this street during the holidays, and with the elevated Christmas tree looking over the city in the distance, it's a wonderful place to visit.

McGill College Avenue-Christmas-Montreal-Captura Camera

Here is a close up shot of the same Christmas tree you can see in the previous photo. This giant illuminated tree can be found next to Place Ville Marie every year, and is definately worth checking out.

Place Ville Marie-Christmas Tree-Captura Camera

Next up is the Christ Church Cathedral that is located on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal. It's a Anglican Gothic Revival cathedral, and with the snowflakes out front during the winter months, it's picturesque. And I just love the long expose effect of the passing car lights in the foreground!

Christ Church Cathedral-Montreal-Captura Camera

In the coming couple of weeks I will be adding more photos to this post, so stay tuned. And be sure to share the link with your Montreal friends :-)