An eery blanket of fog covered the Montreal skies Wednesday night, resulting in some pretty amazing photo opportunities. Even when enveloped in a damp grey mist, Montreal always looks absolutely stunning.

With my camera and tripod secured over each shoulder I ventured out to capture some landscape photos of the fog. After driving around for a while and checking out a couple of different locations, I finally settled on this vantage point.

In this first image (a panoramic photo of Montreal) I was able to capture in a single frame the bulk of the Montreal skyline, as well as the Pont de la Concorde (which leads to the Casino). With the fog moving from left to right in the frame, I love the sense of motion you can feel in the shot.

These next two photos were taken at the same location, however, I decided to play with the composition.

I am currently putting together a 2017 calendar that comprises some of my favourite Montreal photos from this year. If you're interested in purchasing one, please contact me.