Montreal this time of year is so beautiful. The cities skyline, colours and natural beauty provides endless possiblities to photograph great images.

A few days ago as I set out on a chilly fall afternoon I had but one goal, capture the image that best represents the Montreal of today. I checked out a few different locations, but ultimately settled on this vantage point along the St-Lawrence River, which overlooked the Old Port of Montreal and the big city skyline behind it.

I really like this photo because not only can you see the skyscrapers, but parked in the harbor is a big rustic looking boat which I feel fits the scene perfectly and offers wonderful contrast.

I am thinking of entering this photo into the “All Eyes on Montréal” photo contest which is being held by the Centre d’histoire de Montréal. So stay tuned for more info on that!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this landscape photo of our beautiful city.