Last week I was contacted by a client looking for a photo of the New York City skyline. I unfortunately didn't have a photo to offer him. However, he was such a fan of my work, that he hired me to take a photo for him. I was incredibly honoured that someone would be that interested in my fine art photography.

With gear in hand I drove down to New York to capture the best possible cityscape photo I could of the worlds most iconic skyline. Luckily I had been doing my homework for years, and I knew the exact location I wanted to take the photo from. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. It's a beautiful location, and it offers an incredible view of Manhattan.

Here is the photo I took for the client. We are making it into a very large metal wall print.

I love the dozens of old wooden poles that dot the water. These remnants added a texture to the image that I really liked. And with the framing I selected they provided great leading lines for the image.

While I was in New York I also captured a couple of more photos. These images include a panorama of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the fully restored Jane's Carousel that overlooks the Manhatten skyline. I would have loved to taken more, but I was only in town for a day. I cannot wait to return in the spring to explore the city at greater length!

If you would like to order prints of any of the images you see, please contact me. It would be my pleasure to help you find the size that best suits your needs.