I ventured out on a beautiful fall night in Montreal to take a photo of the supermoon, which I assume based on my social media feeds most people did tonight as well :-)

However, while it would have been easy to simply point my camera to the sky, I wanted to consciously take the time to craft an image that had meaning. I found the ideal location, I waited for a few hours while the moon came into the perfect position, and I processed the image in a way that conveyed the story I wanted to tell. I call the final image Stairway to Heaven (I just have to run this one by Robert Plant lol).

For those who don't know (before tonight I sure didn't), a supermoon can appear as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon. And while clouds and light pollution over Montreal made it a little difficult to get the perfect shot, for a few brief moments everything lined upper perfectly and I captured the photo.

NASA is informing all moongazers that on December 14th there will be another supermoon, so if you missed your chance tonight there is still time.